Large Glass Dropper Bottle


The Large Glass Dropper Bottles are used for storing and dispensing liquid pharmaceuticals or herbaceuticals, such as essential oils, serums, or herbal extracts.

They have a round shape with short, rounded shoulders and a DIN18 neck finish that can     be paired with a pipette dropper, spray, or pourer.

They are made of flint or amber moulded glass type III that protects the contents from light and oxidation. They have a height of about 125.5 mm, a width of about 45 mm, and a weight of about 135 g2.


The Large Glass Dropper Bottle is the perfect solution for anyone in need of a versatile container to store and dispense various substances.

Made of high-quality glass, this bottle can withstand an array of chemicals, aromatherapy oils, essential oils, tinctures or other liquids, making it a perfect choice for home or professional use.

With a volume of 50ml, it is a convenient size for carrying along in bags or leaving on countertops.

The dropper applicator is built from glass and provides for easy and precise dosage.

It also features a tamper-evident cap that seals tightly, ensuring safe storage and guaranteeing product freshness.

Its strong, clear design allows for easy viewing of the contents, making it ideal for laboratory use as well.

The Large Glass Dropper Bottle is a must-have investment for anyone in need of a reliable bottle for storing and dispensing liquids.


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