Set of Graduated Glass Dropper Bottle with Black Cap

This Set of Graduated Glass Dropper Bottles with black cap is a must-have for anyone interested in aromatherapy, herbal remedies, or DIY beauty products.

The set comes with six bottles, each with a capacity of 30 millimiters, making them perfect for creating personalized blends of essential oils or storing homemade serums and toners.

The clear glass bottles allow for easy visibility of the contents, while the black cap ensures a secure and tight seal to prevent spills and leaks.

The dropper dispenser also makes it easy to apply the desired amount of liquid accurately.

The graduated markings on each bottle make it easy to measure precise quantities of ingredients, ensuring perfect formulations every time.

These versatile and durable bottles are an excellent addition to any home or professional beauty lab.

Graduated Glass Dropper Bottle with Black Cap

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